Tracespace is an innovative service designed to assist you in protecting your business and giving you a comprehensive risk management system. We provide a smart information solution that assists you in minimising risk and enabling growth within the financial operations of your business.


Now you can evaluate your credit and supplier risk, increase collections, and reduce fraud. Reports can highlight specifically selected information and you can make smarter consumer credit decisions. Tracespace reports will provide your business with up-to-date consumer information that will streamline your credit granting process. Being able to predict future payment delinquency, allows credit providers to associate the odds of payment with a specific consumer. Based on this, a more informed decision as to whether or not credit should be granted can be made. A real-time online identity tool that verifies that an applicant or user is indeed present at the time of account application or at any stage where information- or a transaction is processed.

Benefits to using Tracespace

  • No software installation needed - web based
  • 24 hour access to our databases
  • Clean, accurate and current information on consumers and commercial entities
  • National data footprint
  • Fraud detection
  • No monthly instalments - Pay as you use
  • No capital outlay
  • Extremely cost effective - customisable cost structure
  • Ease of use
  • Unique tracing methodology
  • Predict future payment behaviour
  • Consumer is linked with historical and current data
  • Comprehensive tool for credit scoring and vetting all in one

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